Diary Management Service for Clinics.

Leave your diary in safe hands with experienced professionals

Diary Management Service for Clinics.

Leave your diary in safe hands with experienced professionals

The UK’s Leading Diary Management Service for Health Practitioners

Clinic Diary Management

Diary Management Service for Clinics

We are a committed team of receptionists and personal assistants with a passion for assisting members of the healthcare sector in appointment booking for clinics.

Our dedicated Clinic Receptionists are fully trained in the industry standard clinic diary management software packages and we’ll adapt to whatever system you use to minimise the impact on your organisation. You don’t need any additional equipment to start using our service.

Clinic Answer’s Diary Management Service for Clinics provides you with a telephone number you can divert your existing line to. We’ll be in touch to arrange access to whatever booking system you currently use.

Benefits of Clinic Answer’s Diary Management Service

It’s vital that your patients calls are handled in a polite and timely manner. Because Clinic Answer attend all of your calls we get to know your clinic in detail. Our specifically trained Medical PAs become an extension of your own Practice knowing all of your staff , colleagues, procedures, working times and diary schedule.

Patient enquiries are dealt with immediately so the caller isn’t waiting on hold before getting through to one of your Clinic PAs.

New patients need their details taken in a welcoming and professional manner to ensure they get the information they need, including what treatment they require, if they are private, NHS, referred to by an insurance company or if they have any special requirements.

Existing patients may be calling to book a follow-up appointment or to reschedule or cancel an existing appointment. Our Clinic PAs are specifically trained on your Diary Management System ensuring existing patient enquiries are handled as your own receptionist would. Your diary is always up to date so that you can focus on running your practice.

Clinic Answer can also schedule reminder text messages and/or emails to your patients to reduced the number of missed appointments.

At Clinic Answer we understand that no two clinics are the same and so we’re fully trained in all recognised medical appointment booking systems including but not limited to PPS, Cliniko, Medesk, Power Diary, Setmore, Practice Pal and Google Calandar etc. We provide the UK’s leading bespoke Clinic Diary Management Service and as such we’ll ensure that Clinic Answer PAs answering your calls are fully trained in your diary system before picking up a call.

If you’d like to find out more about our Diary Management service for clinics you can Contact Us via our website or give us a call on 0800 804 6056

How it works

Your Clinic PA answers your telephone calls in your clinic name and has access to your diary. We’ll establish whether it’s a new patient booking an initial consultation, an existing patient booking a follow up appointment or an appointment reschedule or cancellation. We take the time to ensure our Clinic PAs are fully trained in your own Clinic Diary Management software to ensure a quality bespoke Diary Management Service.

Your calls will only ever be answered by a small team of dedicated professionals in a consistent manner. Our Clinic Receptionists become an extension of your own team. All our staff are based in the UK at our Edinburgh or Wokingham office so you can be rest assured your calls will always be answered in a professional manner and not by an overseas call centre.

We believe that the only way to provide a fully personalised Diary Management Service for Clinics is to have your calls answered by a dedicated team of real people who are fully integrated with your Practice.

Clinic Receptionist

Why Clinic Answer?

UK Diary Management for Clinics

Full Diary integration

We fully integrate with whatever scheduling system you operate

Improve performance with clinic answer

Simplify appointment booking

Patients prefer to book appointments over the telephone as opposed to online

Diary Management for Clinics

Use your current platform

We are fully trained in a suite of diary management for clinics packages

UK Diary Management for Clinics

Round the clock access

Access you diary whenever you’d like when you’re on the move

Save time with Clinic Answer

Free up your day

Concentrate on your patients. Let us manage your diary

Improve efficiency with Clinic Answer

Add all of your staff

There’s no limit to the number of diaries we can manage for you

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